Exciting Keynote Talks & Discussions at CeBIT Social Business Arena 2015

The „Social Business Arena @ CeBIT 2015“ is coming up soon and we are very much excited about the conference agenda shaping up very well. As posted before the key theme of this year’s conference is about the idea that „social technology“ provides good enablement not only to enhance the existing operational system but also to support the digital transformation of the business.

For this we have gathered a variety of exciting speakers and panelist from both the subject-matter side as well as the corporate side. The conference therefore provides some very nice discussions from strategic recommendations, project experience to insights on technological developments. While each expert panel is already staffed with bright people we have some keynote sessions with international speakers that I want to specifically point out to.

Keynotes about the digital transformation of the workplace

Each conference day has got three keynotes evenly spread over the day. The first day is shaped by Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at Adjuvi and leading expert on the topic of „Social Collaboration“ and „Social Business Design“. He will open the first day with the discussion on why and how „Social“ can be perceived as enabler for the digital transformation. Another keynote talk on March 16 is given by Sameer Patel, GM/SVP for the Collaboration and Network Software Business at SAP. He will be talking about the key factors for the digital disruption – and how this can shape the next generation of business models.

The second day (March 17) is dominated by German keynote talks with Hans-Georg Schnauffer from the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement (German Association of Knowledge Management) is talking about the challenges for the organizational development with the digital transformation. Second keynote talk will be by Peter Fischer and Caroline Rünger on the state of the digital workplace revolution. For the third part of that day we have invited Lee Bryant of Postshift to talk about his ideas on the quantified enterprise.


The keynotes of the third day start with a talk of Dr. Peter Schütt from IBM on the future of the digital workplace. Then we asked Dion Hinchcliffe to give another talk on the drivers for the digital transformation. Last but not least we are happy to have Peter M. Wald, professor on HR from the HTWK Leipzig, to give a talk about the new roles of HR in the digital age.

High-level keynote discussion on how to design the future of work

Besides the keynote talks of subject-matter experts we have organized some special keynote discussion panel at lunch time on each day. On the first day we have invited a head of section from federal ministry of labor (Dr. Gerald Becker-Neetz), an expert from Ver.di / German Trade Union (Karl-Heinz Brandl), the chair of the working council of Continental AG (Frank Michael Hell) and the subject-matter experte Alexander Klier – for the discussion of the building blocks for the working guidelines for the future of work.

On the second day the keynote discussion is focussing on the challenges for the management culture – with a introductional talk of Dr. Josephine Hofmann from Fraunhofer IAO and a discussion with two heads of HR/Org Development – Sirka Laudon from Axel Springer and Sabrina Rödig from Telefonica Germany.

The keynote discussion on the third day is once again focussing on the future of the organisation. With Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani we have invited a futurist on this topic who is discussing his ideas on the future of the organisation with further subject-matter experts like Reinhard Karger (DFKI/DGI), Stefan Ehrlich (Knowledge Research Center) and Dr. Winfried Felser (Netskill).

If your are interested in attending the conference and the networking, feel free to register on this page.

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