#ioms17 Opening Keynote with Jonathan Phillips about the next digital workplace challenge

The first conference day of the IOM Summit 2017 begins with Jonathan Phillips and his keynote about the next challenge: Employee Experience.

Jonathan Phillips is the Founder of Clarity Digital Workplace, a UK-based digital consultancy. Jonathan is a globally recognised thought-leader in digital, with more than 15 years blue-chip experience for the world’s most recognised brands including Coca-Cola.

He has led many award-winning digital communication and collaboration programs – including intranets, websites and social platforms — across the US and Europe.

He is an advisor to the UK government, a key note speaker, founder of and Chairman of two charities.

Björn Negelmann asked Jonathan to find answers to some questions. Here they are:

Jonathan – you will be talking about the „Employee Experience“ as the next Digital Workplace challenge at the upcoming IOM SUMMIT in Cologne. What are the hastags/keywords that we could tag your talk with?

Lovely idea! #iomsummitex #iomsummitJP

Employee Experience – what is it all about? And isn’t the „Experience“ focus just another buzzword – after the hype around „Employee Engagement”?

This is a great question and I cannot deny that there’s a really excited hype around the employee experience but the reason for this hype, is that it’s something that really matters. The employee experience is the total sum of all the perceptions an employee has with their workplace: people, communication, physical workplace and digital workplace.

Getting it right has provable impact on engagement, retention, productivity, happiness and motivation. It’s also something that digital workplace experts can truly impact.

Providing a engaging experience wasn’t this already a key challenge for the old Intranet strategies? Why hasn’t this been solved in the first place in the turn to collaborative approaches and the Digital Workplace?

Many intranet teams have had a user experience (Ux) focus for a few years and, arguably, they have done a pretty good job for intranets themselves. However, as the intranet has grown by adding collaboration tools, HR tools, Finance, into a true digital workplace, the experience has become a new critical challenge. Within any tool — the intranet, expenses system —; within any one tech function — comms, HR, finance — the experience is often adequate, but that is not the life that employees lead.

Employees operate across the entire digital workplace and so the Ex challenge is to ensure that the experience employees perceive is cohesive, brilliant and delightful.

What are the key building blocks to increase the employee experience with the Digital Workplace?

The first step on this journey is to recognise what we mean by Ex and it’s importance to an organisation. From here, there are two main drivers: employee-centric experience thinking at every step and secondly, collaborative digital workplace development.

James Robertson is seeing the Employee Experience at the heart of the Digital Workplace. Would you agree?

Like James, I would argue that the employee experience has been a neglected part of DW thinking hitherto, but to make these technologies really work for the business and individuals, Ex is a critical focus.

What are your ideas regarding the further discussions on the employee experience? What are the future trends in this regard to look out for?

I’m truly excited about the future for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a focus on employee experience means that digital workplace teams must have conversations with senior leadership about the impact of their work. Digital workplaces aren’t to be ignored: they’re centres of productivity, happiness, motivation, engagement and knowledge.

Secondly, the only way to get digital workplace Ex right is to have a cohesive digital governance with sometimes isolated parts of businesses coming together to make decisions. I have long advocated this approach, I think it’s always added value to intranets and DW, but this employee experience lens almost enforces the approach.

What are your expectations for the IOM SUMMIT?

Great presentations, great people and great discussion.

Thank you very much, Jonathan.

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